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How much money should we bet?

How much money should we bet? The easiest answer is that we will bet whatever we want, but if we follow the principles of responsible gambling, the most reasonable thing to do is to bet intelligently and that is why the choice of stake is so important. For those who do not know, the stake is the amount of money you bet based on the confidence you have towards a certain bet.

I insist that if we want to be successful when betting and earn some money in the long term, we must be careful when choosing the stakes, because therein lies the key to success in betting, although as I have told you on more occasions in other articles, you do not always win in betting.

The art of betting

For those who are not looking for anything more than to try their luck and play a simple market such as in soccer, it may not matter too much to know what the stakes are. But many tipsters work harder, they dedicate themselves to the study of the teams, the players and also to understand the tactics used by the coaches in order to be able to make their betting predictions.

It cannot be doubted that when we are going to make a bet, intuition influences the decision of an outcome, although in this betting intuitions are often influenced by the team that we like better, the player we like or because the team that plays is our team.

To determine how much money to bet we must be above these factors, be realistic, keep in mind the absolute probability of hitting the bet and what is the value of the bet itself.

Comparing the odds of the bookmakers, following the forecasts of the best known tipsters and watching many sporting events as well as being updated on the situation of the teams, athletes and coaches, will give us an experience that we can use to bet more intelligently and know how much to bet.

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